Video Game Cheating

Since the moment the human race started playing games, we’ve had cheaters, and video games are no different. Whether it’s using simple life-hacks, or actual, literal hacks, gamers have found all sorts of innovative ways to bend the rules. Here’s a look at some super creative ways people have cheated in video games. The red dot The simplest way to cheat in modern first-person shooting games is by actually adding a dot to your TV to assist with hip-fire or quick-scoping. It sounds too easy to be true, but something as simple as sticking a red light to your screen, can help you know where to aim your gun without actually aiming. If you want to become a master at hip-firing, real money casino sa might be exactly what you need. Breaking the world Dark Souls 3 has broken a lot of spirits, so it’s only fitting that someone broke the game in return.

A speedrunner going by the name Distortion2 discovered this glitch, using it to beat the entire game in only 36 minutes and 43 seconds. The game-breaking exploit involved the player casting the Tears of Denial spell to survive dying, bringing them back to 1 HP. This was done while traveling through a gap in the world’s geometry, so the player essentially fell through the world. The bug has since been patched, so if you’re looking to bypass a month’s worth of agony, you’ll have to figure out your own clever way to do it. Fearing the Reaper The Blue Öyster Cult told you not to fear the Reaper, but as this little cheat in Overwatch proves, a little fear can’t hurt — especially if the Reaper’s hidden in the walls of the Temple of Anubis and can kill you unseen. This masked assassin has a nifty little move that allows him to teleport from place to place, and in the Temple of Anubis map, there are spots he could use to teleport past walls or ceilings, dropping him into a spot at the last capture point. A Reaper player could remain hidden behind the walls, able to attack everything in sight while staying completely protected. The Overwatch overlords at Blizzard eventually fixed this exploit, but it’s just a matter of time until someone figures out another way to game the system. Sword-flying The art of sword-flying is a Halo 2 technique that sends players hurtling through the air thanks to some fancy trigger-work and weapon-switching. Essentially, when you switch weapons while lunging with a sword, the game will continue the lunge motion no matter how far away you were to begin with. You’ll fly great distances and can position yourself up high, taking potshots from your very own sniper’s nest. Buckethead

Do you like stealing from NPCs in Skyrim without getting caught? Then there’s one word you need to know: buckets. One bizarre trick in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim involves placing a bucket or kettle or basket on an NPC’s head. Not only does it look ridiculous, it also prevents them from seeing you stealing all their stuff. This cheat is hilariously easy to pull off, turning even the most bumbling adventurer into a master thief. The Rainbow Road Remember the Rainbow Road track in Mario Kart 64? Remember how annoyed you’d get when your buddies beat you? They probably did it using this little shortcut, which involves jumping off the side just before that large drop. If your aim is on target, you land smack-dab in the middle of the track way up ahead, having bypassed about a third of the course. The same sort of trick was possible on the Wario’s Stadium course, where you could use one of the jumps to vault over the barrier and onto another segment of the track, landing close to the finish line. It was a dirty move…but it was also pretty awesome.