Top 10 SCARIEST and Terrifying Roller-Coaster Rides In The World

We know what you’re thinking. Roller coasters are for kids, right.? But just wait till you’ve seen the fastest, scariest, death defying rides in this article.

Number 10. Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller coaster, at Ferrari World, UAE.

And there’s only one lap-restraint to keep you safe during the journey. While it may not have any giant hills, loops or inversions, this one hits 149 mph, giving riders the same G force that Formula-1 drivers experience and sports betting at

Number 9. Insanity Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas

If you think that for all scary rides must have something to do with a roller coaster, you’re wrong. Located at the top of the hotel, the insanity ride spins at about 40 miles per hour.

If that’s not scary enough, just imagine being 900 feet above ground.

Number 8. Expedition GeForce

Located at Holiday Park, Germany, this is one of the longest roller coasters in all Europe.

Taking its riders to a height of 203 feet, it lets them go at speeds exceeding 74 miles per hour. In addition to this, the ride also offers seven minutes of zero gravity, making riders feel as if they’re flying.

Number 7. Banshee Roller Coaster

The Banshee at Kings Island, Ohio has the honor of being the world’s longest inverted roller coaster, which means that instead of sitting on a coaster car, you’ll be hanging upside down the whole journey, with your legs swinging free.

Number 6. Kingda Ka, New Jersey

Going down a 270 foot spiral, riders are first catapulted into the sky at the speed of 128 miles per hour. And after just 3.5 seconds into the ride, your heart will surely skip a beat.

Number 5. Six Flags

Magic Mountain Next on our list is Six Flags Magic Mountain, California. This ride opened up in 2002 and claimed to be the world’s first fourth dimensional ride as well.

This means that its seats rotate a full 360 degree and gives you facedown and head dropping experience.

Number 4. Fahrenheit Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

Located in the world’s sweetest place, Hershey, trust us when we say that there is nothing sweet about the experience this ride has to offer. After taking its passengers 121 feet up the sky, riders will then have to bear the 107 foot inverted loop, corkscrew roll, cobra element and other scary stuff.

Number 3. Colossus, Thorpe Park

This is probably the scariest ride in all of United Kingdom.

Built in 2002, this ride has a record breaking 10 inversions. A replica of this ride was built in China in 2006, for riders to enjoy the ride there too. You’ll not be able to feel your head after you sit out this one, as it is clear by just looking at it.

Number 2. Cannibal, Lagoon Amusement Park

Cannibal isn’t even open yet, yet its name is already creeping out most of us.

Its 116 degree drop is one of the world’s steepest drop, and it guides passengers directly through a tunnel that dives headlong into a 208 feet tower.

Number 1. Gatekeeper, Cedar Point

The wing seats at the Gatekeeper flare out on either side of the vehicle, which means that you’re basically flying as you navigate the many twist and turns of this terrifying roller coaster.

So, do you think you can handle these scary rides.? Tell us in the comments below.