Success Of Tetris

• Not only that but it might as well be a rip-off since it was created when Nintendo held the license for Tetris meaning that SEGA just went and made it behind their backs and hoped no one noticed. • I guess it’s not like you can mess up Tetris easily can you? Oh wait, yeah I forgot about EA, I think I might actually prefer to spend 3,000 bones on this than be forced to play the crime against gaming that is the mobile version of Tetris. 10 – King of Fighters 2000 – English Release, • There are only 100 of these babies out there it’s hard to get your hands on this one, not only that, it’s also completely legitimate, like all games on this list rereleases of it did nothing to tamper with its value with copies selling between 3500 and 6000 dollars. • I’m guessing the only reason there’s so few of them is that the Neo Geo was incredibly expensive and far from popular, so any even remotely niche game from Japan couldn’t have received good sales without a decent marketing push. •

Despite that, this is a well-loved fighting game series, from what I can tell anyway: I’m not exactly what you’d call a fighting game fan, I tend to button mash, but boy do I button mash like a champ. 9 – Ultimate 11 or Super Sidekicks 4 – European Release, • One of the few sports games on the Neo-Geo, you’d think that the European version would do better in a region that actually follows soccer, pricing for this is only based on rumours as it’s just that rare, although the rumours say it’s between 4,800 and 10,000 USD. • It seems pretty arbitrary to me that a simple region change will cause such a massive price-hike, I mean they’re both the same game with the same gameplay. • This is actually the final release in the Super Sidekicks series, it includes 80 national teams and this version apparently no longer keeps track of which player scores goals, but if you play well a boss team will appear with SNK fighting game characters as players. 8 – Atlantis II, • This was only given to the top players in the Atlantis 1 competition, which actually ended up having a $10,000 reward, if that player held on to the cartridge he’d be doubly rich as it can go from anywhere between 5 and 18k. •

It goes to show just how big Atari was back in the day, the top four players were sent to Bermuda to face off, although on the flipside no one actually knows who won that competition anymore. • While it’s called Atlantis 2, it’s actually the same game just made harder where it’s harder to score and the game moves faster, the cartridge and packaging doesn’t even have any differences from the original apart from a white sticker on the front. 7 – Kizuna Encounter – European Release, • Another game with the only pricing being based on rumours, apparently it’s been sold for around $13,000 but who really knows with rumours; it’s been described as the holy grail of European game collecting for whatever that’s worth