Most Expensive Games

From badass golden light guns to one of a kind Atari cartridges, we count 15 of the rarest and most expensive games of all time. 15 – Elemental Gearbolt – Assassin’s Case Edition, • Getting this PlayStation 1 game will cost you between 1,400 and 1,750 US dollars as there are only 40 of this particular edition of the game as the case was awarded during a 1998 E33 tournament. • The case includes the game, a golden light-gun – not real gold mind you, but still cool looking – and a memory card that’s also golden. • As you might expect, Elemental Gearbolt is a light-gun game with an orchestral soundtrack and a Science-Fantasy theme with RPG elements, which was pretty uncommon at the time and earned the game awards because of it.

Eli’s Ladder, • This is the rarest educational game ever made and getting it for the Atari 2600 will set you back anywhere between 1500 and 1700 US dollars, there’s no particular reason why this game had a limited release. • The game came with motivational stickers and a wall chart designed for children, which are equally hard to find, as you might imagine as cases with cartridge base games often go missing or are thrown out when bought. • The gameplay is pretty simple, you answer maths questions about addition, subtraction; interestingly enough they advertise the game as focusing on ‘drill and practice’ gameplay, which just sounds like lovely fun. 13 – Karate – Ultravision Release, • Another 2600 game, better get used to them because they’re all over this list, buying one of these in mint condition will cost around 4000 US dollars, despite the fact that the functionally identical Froggo release is actually pretty common. • Interestingly enough Ultravision originally intended to make their own console, but they only ended up releasing two poor quality games, one of which being Karate which ended up being rereleased by Froggo.

This game was designed by black belt Joseph Amelio, but I can’t find anything about him online so I guess it’s just some karate master the devs knew, or indeed was just one of the devs. 12 – Answer Software’s Gauntlet, • No it’s not that Gauntlet, but anyway, it’s an extremely rare game that will cost you between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars if it ever actually goes up for sale, no one has been willing to part with it since the early 2000s. • This game was released only via mail order and didn’t even come with a proper case, instead it had a flimsy foam casing that was probably only included to prevent the game for being damaged during its transit. • This Gauntlet is basically an Indiana Jones rip-off, where the main character looks much like Indi and you run through a gauntlet in the jungle in an effort to impress a tribe of warriors. 11 – Tetris – Megadrive Release, • Yes, the most ubiquitous game ever (well, maybe it’s Minecraft now) is also one of the rarest, with the cheapest copy going for 3,000 US dollars, proving once and for all that collectors value rarity over gameplay.