Esports Moments: 'The General' Surrenders His Jacket


Bae “Dade” Eo-jin is perhaps one of the greatest mid laners in League of Legends history, and during the course of his impressive career, he earned the nickname “The General” for his incredible leadership and tactical brilliance which which led to various successes on the Rift. DoA: [casting] During his time with Samsung Blue, “the General” was never seen on the battlefield without his uniform The white leather jacket was always draped over his shoulders, and became a trademark for the Korean’s reputation as a leader and his all-business personality. But at Worlds 2014, the unthinkable occurred and Dade found himself at the center of, undoubtedly, one of League’s most memorable out-of-game moments. At the beginning of 2014, Dade joined Samsung Blue. More online casino reviews at Casinoslots . The team had finished in 5th-8th in the winter split, but their fortune changed with his arrival as he lifted them to a first place finish in the spring season.

Despite finishing a close second in the following summer season, Samsung Blue were still considered among the favourites to lift the Summoner’s Cup. They won first place in the Champions Spring and second place in the Champions Summer and earned enough circuit points to clinch the number one seed for the Korean region at Worlds, and to be fair, they have to be the favourites to finish as number one at Worlds as well. In the group stage, the Koreans did not disappoint, only dropping a single game to top the toughest group of the tournament. Joe Miller: I think job done for Samsung Blue, they wanted to come in and you know, have a perfect record, but in the group of death, I think they can actually be fairly happy with the fact that they only lost the one game. Blue would go on to knockout Cloud9 in the quarterfinals with a 3-1 win, highlighted by some impressive teamfight coordination, orchestrated in large part by Dade’s leadership.

But in the semi-finals, they found themselves face to face with a familiar adversary – Samsung White. In the summer season, Blue had destroyed White 3-1 in the playoffs [Korean casting] But at Worlds, White struck back with a vengeance. [Rivington, Jatt and Deficio casting] Deficio: I feel so bad for Dade. [Rivington, Jatt and Deficio casting] Jatt: This is one of the biggest stomps of all of Worlds.

Rivington: It’s only gonna take three. Samsung White finally defeats Samsung Blue! After a 3-0 drubbing at the hands of their sister team Samsung Blue exited the tournament. But it’s what Dade did in the immediate aftermath of the series that forever remains in hearts of fans. Jatt: But in game, you know the gloves are off.

Rivington: Very much so, business is business mentality coming in for them. No way, Pawn gets the General’s Jacket… Deficio: Wow. Rivington: And Dade… Jatt: Wow.

Rivington: …even with a smile on his face. Jatt: That is a big moment. That is a jacket Dade never takes off. In a classy gesture, the General handed-over his iconic jacket to Pawn – a symbolic way of admitting that Samsung White’s mid laner hadn’t just beaten him, he had surpassed him. Pawn was the next generation and it was time for Dade to pass him the torch. Samsung White would go on to win Worlds 2014 and throughout their triumphant grand final series against Royal Club, the General’s jacket was visible resting over the back of Pawn’s chair, a respectful salute to one of League’s greatest mid laners