A True Story: How to Beat the Roulette

I want to tell you a story which might help you to understand you better, which kind of person you are, and i will tell you an experiment made about 1 metre twenty years ago. She wanted to prove the character of people when they want to have something, so he has gathered a group of scientists who they were searching for 10 people to neighbors five groups of two neighbors. So it’s my house here – i am here and my neighbor in front of me, the next house in front of me, so this room, the scientist, has took in 10 people five groups of neighbors and they was trying to explain the experiment.

So he has gathered the first group, one person in one room and all the scientists talk to this person. What do you want from life now? This person told I want two thousand dollars per month: one house and one car a driving car okay.

So I need two thousand dollars, one house and one car and I will be satisfied now. The group of scientists give him a contract and it’s holding like that. If you sign this contract, you will have what you ask, but your neighbor would have nine times much more money, so you wouldn’t have two thousand eight dollars, but you ask one house and one car, but your neighbor will have nine house ten thousand dollars per month And nine cars: what do you think it worth his answer? Instead over setting to have two thousand dollars, one house in one car, but he has chosen to have he refused all the money for that his neighbor would have nine times much more money. Guess what every group of neighbors have done the same thing all the people was refusing to her money for what yes, but knowing that their members will have nine times much more money. They didn’t accept the offer.

What is my point, my friends? Well, you see, I be combing your hair at the age of 30, i’m giving you the possibility that you make your dream come true. You wan na make thing other euros per day. I can help you, but I will make ten thousand dollars or five thousand euros from this business, and you want to do you don’t, except to give me five thousand euro when I give in you the possibility to make 300 euro every day for over their life. But knowing that I have 5,000, you go from you, you don’t accept giving giving me five thousand euro because I become much richer than you and you don’t accept it more. So your dream is to make 300 euros per day.

But if you know that I make nine thousand euro per day, you are such a greedy person that you don’t, except to win 300 euros per day, knowing that I win nine thousand euros a day while you are rich or line, your food is all in your Mentality in your character, if you never reach the American Dream is because you didn’t fight, you have bought one season from the internet and it was not working. You have bought another software if sin was not working. The 12 program, or my program you say, is too much.

I can’t afford this and you don’t search anymore. You think if you have lost two times you lose again with me too, so you don’t search anymore after three or five times you don’t search anymore guys. I’Ve lost every day five years every day I have lost money and i have not giving up. I have not quit in five years. There are minimum 1750 days in all these oneself 1750 days. I lost money, but in the end I got it.

I discovered the secret to be true it and now i need on earth. Did you continue after two or three months, I’ll, absolutely convinced that you have the three month you have quitting didn’t care anymore. I was not fitting.

I was continued to struggle myself and this is the path of success you want to be left. You need to pay my friend, you need to pay all to start your own, go to my website and search the lean program. I studied and you will see hundreds of programs which I study in 12 years or 15 years from where I know good.

Just look that I study all all the internet. Everything – and this is why I am the master 300 programs. I have some 300. I know everything about web and i am the only one who can help you why I can help you, because i’m showing my face. Nobody in the internet not showing his face now Lily, not single address, not his name, not showing himself. Why do you think he doesn’t show me himself?

Because he scared that you can denounce him to police because he know that he’s telling you now in my case, because I know that I’m not telling you because I giving you the real deal and so on my face. So when you find one thousand five thousand euros, there are a lot of Allah. Five thousand iraqis is not so there are five thousand euros. If I’m scanning you, you have the document. How you have sent me the money and you find me on the internet.

You can, oh, you can tell this is the guy, because you found me. I have four other videos on youtube, so it’s very easy for you to read not be to the police. If I telling you because you it is the guy you understand, i am not sending you my friend, i really have the secret. Maybe you don’t believe because it’s so hard to believe nobody has fought to win. Unless i am the real deal my students make much.

I have all the history conversation on skype on facebook and they are making money, of course, to making like I make you need to have a a school. You need to educate yourself. You need my secret.

My first money was fifty dollars wing after I make five hundred dollars and that’s when I made five thousand dollars in one session, um mathematic doesn’t distinguish out your place so to play with one hundred dollars: minimum wager ten cents. You can make thirty dollars. But if you are playing online roulette canada with one thousand dollar one dollar minimum wager you can make three hundred dollars or if you are playing in VIP like I play with ten thousand dollars, and you make three thousand dollars per session. This is the mathematics. Roulette will play the same numbers over and over again, even if you are playing with one hundred dollars, ten thousand dollars or one hundred thousand dollars. I can help you my friend, think about that experiment.

I told you in the beginning think about because if you look in the other garden to somebody else, you will not make your group watch for yourself think to yourself and your benefits and dozen don’t care about what the other one will have. Think on your things. That’S because my friend hope you learn something.